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Scott Loia, President


Scott grew up in his father's dental laboratory and began his dental career as a ceramist during the summers of junior high in 1988.  After graduating from New York University in 1996 with a degree in Film and Television production, Scott brought his unique talent and passion for digital arts and computer graphics back to the dental arena, were he quickly realized the digital evolution looming in dentistry.


Scott founded ZirámiX, LLC in 2007 with the vision to use CAD/CAM technology and automation to create superior quality restorations with reliable consistency.





Today, ZirámiX, LLC is a leading digital manufacturer of dental implant solutions and restorative products. Our mission is to provide the assistance clinicians and laboratories need to implement the digital workflow dentistry is experiencing today.


Our knowledge and passion for the digital future in restorative dentistry has allowed us to offer the best products and service at an incredible value.

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