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ZiramiX accepts all data form including rubber based impresions.  We are not limited to digital workflow.  However, scanning Dentists and labs can join our virtual milling portal and capitalize on all the benefits of streamlining digital production that requires "cutting" edge technology.   We offer  innovative solutions that allow you to improve your quality of product, speed up your production, and or present a broader range of products to your current or prospective clients.

Services //

Custom Abutments & Bars


Engineered to perfection based on backward planning of the final prosthesis.  Milled from Ti, CrCo or zirconia, our support structures offer the function and cosmetic foundation you need to acheive the best results.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia


Advances in zirconia manufactur- ing have acheived very high levels of translucency. Adding layered ceramic makes zirconia crowns and bridges (of up to fourteen units) the optimal choice for strength and cosmetics.

Full Contour Zirconia


Virtually chip free, our monolithic full contoured zirconia solutions are a great alternative to traditional full gold crowns used for bruxism.  Save money and boost patient confidence with the fastest growing technology in dentistry!



For optimal esthetics e.MAX is a unique lithium disilicate ceramic providing flexural strength of 360-400 MPa,  Very translucent and ideal for veneers or non-retentive preps that require bonding.

Cosmetic Veneers


Our artists are the best in the business!  Beautifully layered feldspathic veneering that will amaze you and your patients!  As thin as .3 mm is acheivable.  Virtual simulations and diagnostic mock-ups are available and recommended before processing.

Porcelain Fused to Metal


The conservative standard for strength in restorative dentistry just got better.  Our milled PFM substructures decrease internal adjusting and increase con- sistency via virtual die-spacer and internal fit settings.  Non, Semi, and High Nobel alloys available.



Ideal marginal fit, full polymer-ization and lifelike esthetics.  The physical properties are enhanced with additional heat treatment to increase wear and stain-resistance.   Composites are a viable option for conservative metal-free procedures.

Intraoral Scan Imports


Minimize the need for chairside adjustments by taking digital impressions. Our trained dental technicians review, design and fabricate your abutments and crowns to meet your preferences. Contact us to add ZiramiX to your list of "Favorite Labs."

Cosmetic Temporaries


Milled from PMMA and available in all 16 Vita shades, our CAD temps aren't just great looking, they remain on file, ready for final alteration and or duplication for the final fixed prosthesis material.

Dentures & Removables


Straight acrylic, Flexi, or Valplast removable prosthetics.... or try our digital dentures!  Whether its a simple flipper or a complex bar over-denture case, ZiramiX has the solution you need to succeed!

Patient Operatory for Custom Shade Taking & and Custom Staining


Our operatory is fully equipped and presents a state of the art professional setting your patients will appreciate.  We will work closely with your patients and address all their concerns, so you can feel confident their insertion will go smoothly. 

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